Module 5 – Is it over yet?!

Module 5 along with Module 4 just sort of… trailed off into nowhere. The course has ended on a low, it started off as a challenge with so much promise then in Module 5 it’s like Squared just ran out of steam so thought “I know let’s get them to make an infographic”.

Yes! An infographic, an infographic is the answer to most content marketers content plans.. “ I know lets create an infographic for Client B” says Colin the content marketing expert for Digital Marketing experts R ‘Us. Infographics are the easy goto piece of content when struggling with an idea for a client, and it seems like this is exactly what happened to Squared.

So between a group of 9 people we needed to create an infographic which isn’t that much work to do divided between 9 people, that’s 3 people working on each section of the Infographic. The assignment was broken down into

1. Data gathering – facts and Figures

2. Creating a story out of it (which section 1 overlaps into)

3. The Design

Infographics have been a massive buzzword for quite some time now and have been done to death over and over. But they WORK and are actually a really good tactic to use, and difficult to get right. Infographics are the best way to visually show data and facts, they’re easy to digest and very shareable. That’s why Colin the Content Marketer does suggest them, I’ve suggested them enough times myself for clients.. They only work if you have a good idea or story.

photo (4)

The reason why it felt like it ended on a low was because for the first 3 modules I felt challenged, and the workload was quite intensive compared to the final 2 modules. For this module you couldn’t really get stuck in because the creation of an infographic is really not much for a group of 9 people.


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